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4 Ways That Mathematics Is Beneficial In Your Everyday Life

Stop us if you have heard of this before, “Why do I have to learn Maths?”. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Your child has probably stumped you with this question at some stage of their education journey. Probably when they are trying to skip out on their O-level Maths tuition homework.

Naturally, we know how essential Maths is to our daily lives. However, the answer may not always be immediately apparent to our children if they have not experienced practical Maths applications yet. This question is what we plan to address in this article! Let us share how Maths is beneficial to our everyday lives. Perhaps now you can have a witty response to your child whenever this query surfaces.

Benefit #1: Learn to manage your finance

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Your child may understand how arithmetic concepts apply to their daily lives, such as splitting the bill or grocery shopping. However, they might not be familiar with how Maths plays a role in their finances, which is an essential skill to possess once they progress to the working world.

Maths concepts, like algebra and percentages, taught in school and O-level Maths tuition classes can impart vital skills to help students manage their finances in the future. One crucial skill they will learn is how to calculate interest and compound interest. 

This knowledge is essential when your child grows up, especially when they take up a housing loan for their BTO flat in the future. It will also help them figure out the best bank account to store their money in to accumulate higher interest and the ideal ways to invest their money.

Benefit #2: Improve your shot accuracy

Maths can improve basketball skills

Is your child a basketball enthusiast? In that case, they might be delighted to learn that Maths can help them become a better basketball player. Yes, it is true! Geometry plays a vital role in chalking up points for a basketball team – it is all about the shooting angles, the force applied, and the height of the player’s arms. 

When taking a free throw, you will naturally require a smaller angle to get the ball through the hoop compared to a three-point field throw. Getting the arc right can be the difference between the ball going into the basket or hitting the backboard for a rebound. Maybe your child will start paying more attention to their O-level Maths tuition lessons so that they can learn to land their three-point field throw like Stephen Curry! 

Benefit #3: Builds your critical-thinking skills

Student contemplating while doing homework

Maths teaches us to be better reasoners and more critical thinkers – essential skills in high demand in the modern workforce. Your child develops this ability as they tackle the multiple mathematical problems they face in their O-level A Maths classes. By identifying possible solutions, as well as evaluating and justifying their reasons for the results, they learn to become confident critical thinkers.

Benefit #4: Maths applies to all career fields

Businessman applying maths skills

Maths applies to practically every trade and career on the planet. This is obvious for jobs like mathematicians and engineers, who employ Maths in their day-to-day work. As for those who are not working in these fields, they might be surprised to learn that their job may utilise Maths in different ways, even if they do not realise it immediately.

Even the O-level A Maths syllabus includes real-life application questions in exam papers that reflect how Maths is used in various career fields. For example, calculating the height of a tidal wave using trigonometry is applicable in the field of oceanography and marine meteorology. Likewise, learning how to optimise cost using calculus is essential for every entrepreneur globally.

As you can see, Maths impacts practically every aspect of our lives. Whether we are playing sports, managing our finances, or working on the job, we find ourselves utilising Maths concepts in some form or another. So why not share this article with your child to help them understand how beneficial Maths can be in their daily lives? Perhaps they may be more motivated to excel in Maths.

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