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5 Study Tips To Help Your Child Ace Their A Maths Exams

Additional Mathematics (A Math) is a fun but challenging subject. Many students often struggle with the more complex concepts introduced in this subject initially. This learning curve has undoubtedly led to some levels of frustration among students taking their Sec 3 A maths or O-level A maths exams. 
However, acing an A maths exam need not be a daunting prospect. With adequate preparation, it is possible for your child to perform well for their exams. If you are wondering what else your child can do to obtain a good grade beyond enrolling for additional maths tuition in Singapore, fret not! Let us share five helpful study tips to ensure your child is sufficiently prepared for their A maths tests.

Tip #1: Practice makes perfect

O-level A Math Singapore Practice makes perfect

Everyone is familiar with the adage, “Practice makes perfect”. And this saying is especially appropriate when it comes time for your child to revise for their A maths exams. Identifying and understanding which techniques to utilise when tackling the questions is crucial to solving them.

To achieve this, your child must be familiar with tackling all sorts of maths problems. When they fully understand the questions, it improves the odds of them performing well for their exams. An excellent way to achieve this is for your child to tackle past A maths exam papers from established schools teaching O-level A maths. The O-level A maths ten-year series, in particular, is an excellent revision tool. 

Tip #2: Focus on the fundamentals

The mathematical concepts that students learn from a young age served as the foundation upon which the more advanced maths concepts build. This is why students with weak fundamentals often struggle to cope with the subject as they progress through the semester. And this is no different for O-level A maths.

If your child only has a cursory knowledge of the fundamental A maths topics, it won’t be a surprise to find them struggling with the advanced topics. Therefore, you should ensure that your child has the basics down pat. However, this is not something that can be left to the last minute. Your child must be diligent in their practice and revise their fundamental knowledge regularly. 

Tip #3: Encourage your child to ask questions

O-level A Math Singapore Encourage your child to ask questions

Asking questions in class is one of the best ways for students to clear their doubts. However, we understand that some students are hesitant about asking questions in class because they fear their queries may appear silly.

If your child feels the same way, assure them there is nothing embarrassing about clarifying their doubts. In fact, every teacher appreciates their students asking questions during lesson time.

Alternatively, you can encourage them to clarify their doubts when they attend their O-level A maths tuition classes. Tuition classes generally contain a smaller group of students, which makes it easier for the tutor to clarify their questions in detail. Your child can even approach their tutor via WhatsApp if they have any urgent queries.

Tip #4: Memorise the formulae

While A maths exam papers come with a formula sheet, it only contains the basic formulae. Students are still expected to memorise the additional formulae and apply them to the relevant questions. If the student fails to recall the equations, they cannot solve the following problems, costing them precious points. 

Naturally, everyone has their unique ways of memorising things. Some students prefer writing the formulae down to help internalise them; others choose to read them aloud to ingrain them into memory. The best method for your child will likely depend on which category of the VARK model they belong to.

Another tip to boost your child’s memory is to teach them some reliable memory techniques. For example, they can relate a formula to a story, with each section of the equation representing one part of the story. Memorising this narrative will enable them to recall the formula during their exams more easily.

Tip #5: Avoid cramming

O-level A Math Singapore Avoid cramming

Some students procrastinate and wait till the last minute to revise for their O-level A maths exam. Meanwhile, others continue studying well into the night because they are concerned that they are not well-prepared. Whatever the reasons for burning the midnight oil, cramming should be avoided. 

A lack of sleep will make it challenging for your child to focus during their exams. They will also struggle to recall the knowledge they have worked so hard to accrue. Therefore, you should ensure that your child goes to bed early the night before their exam so that they are well-rested.

While it is true that regular practice is essential in performing better on one’s maths tests, there is a difference between frequent revision and cramming. A balance is needed to avoid your child burning out. 

An excellent study tip you can consider is to encourage your child to allocate around 30 minutes of their day to tackle several A maths questions. This way, they can avoid cramming and still expose themselves to a variety of different maths problems, thus allowing them to be more prepared for their O-level A Maths exams.

While there is no surefire way to ace an A maths exam, adequate preparation can improve one’s chances of success. So if your child wants to do well for their A maths exam, they must start early and revise regularly. If you notice that your child is struggling with the subject, you can do your part by enrolling them in an additional maths tuition class in Singapore

At Studious Minds, we are aware that many students struggle with A maths. Therefore, we develop a course syllabus that will allow our students to better grasp the concepts taught in O-level A maths. If you are interested to learn more about our programmes, do not hesitate to contact us today.


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