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As a provider of O-level Maths Tuition in Singapore, we are aware that many children struggle with math, and some individuals struggle more than the others. There could also be intelligent students who have a strong sense of logical reasoning yet struggle with Math-related schoolwork, exams, and papers. Repeated lack of success in mathematics can lead to a student’s demotivation and the belief that he or she will never be competent at the subject. Which is the very reason why you should enrol your child in an O-level A-Maths Tuition at the first sign of disinterest.

Furthermore, because maths is progressive, falling behind could mean missing out on a lot of what is covered for the remainder of the school year. Thus, taking O-level A-Math Tuition in Singapore is necessary regardless of the standing the child have in school.

Here at Studious Maths, we are offering O-level A-Maths classes for students in the secondary level. We have designed a course syllabus that will allow our students to easily understand the lessons under O-level A-Maths Tuition as well as help them prepare for the GCE exam. Enrol your child in our O-level Math Tuition today to help him/her excel in both classes and examinations today.

Your O-Level A-Maths Tutor: Jes Peh

Ms Jes has been teaching O Level A and IP A Math for over ten years. She is exceptionally versed in O-level A-Maths Tuition. Being an O-level A-Maths tutor for years, she has extensive experience teaching students from numerous schools.

Ms Jes has a systematic approach to teaching, and her ability to teach O-level A-Maths concepts in a very clear and effective style has resulted in many students excelling in their O Level A-Maths GCE Exam under her guidance. Ms. Jes is capable of providing on-point and easy to digest lessons and practice worksheets, allowing her students to test themselves on the lessons they just learned. She is also very approachable and is willing to extend her teaching past school hours.

Teaching Philosophy

Ms Jes uses a systematic approach to teaching O-level A-Maths Tuition in her classes. By definition, a systematic approach involves breaking down a topic into smaller lessons to make it easier for learners to understand its principles. It also assists in determining the best teaching technique or prompting strategy for students to completely absorb lessons on a learning objective.

It is critical to evaluate the student’s need, interest, and readiness when using her technique, as well as knowing when to apply instructional resources and strategies. Ms Jes uses the best and most appropriate teaching technique for her students to connect them to the learning objectives.

What are the Lessons Like?

Ms Jes’ teaching philosophy considers O-level Maths Tuition as a system of interconnected pieces. She determines the pupils’ learning styles and strengths in order to draw their attention to the lessons. As a result, the majority of our O-level A-Maths Tuition classes are very small. This enables our tutor to focus on each student’s individual learning needs and design a customised teaching style for them. Most lessons are taught in depth and there is an evident sign of “focus learning”. As Mathematics is a cumulative subject, this kind of teaching approach is very effective.

At the End of the Programme…

Due to her 10 years of experience in teaching O-level Maths Tuition in Singapore, Ms Jes has developed an awareness when it comes to students’ struggles in Mathematics. Apart from those who are having difficulties understanding complex lessons in Mathematics, Ms Jes is also attentive to some who are competitive in the subject and wish to pursue a career related to Mathematics in the future. Thus, you can expect that at the end of the O-level A-Maths Tuition programme, your child will have a better understanding of the subject as well as the confidence to demonstrate his knowledge in Mathematics.


o level a math tutor jes peh

Class Schedule & Fees

Secondary 3 (Additional Mathematics)

Saturdays 11.45am to 1.45pm

Sundays 9.30am to 11.30am

Secondary 4 (Additional Mathematics)

Saturdays 9.30am to 11.30am

Sundays 11.45am to 1.45pm

For O-Level A Maths, O-Level E Maths- $300 / 4 lessons

Fees are collected on a monthly basis. Students who join mid-month will be pro-rated for the rest of the month. 

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At Studious Minds, students have the option to either attend lessons either through Home-based Learning via Zoom or physical classes at centre. Our centre is conveniently located in Central Singapore at United House, #05-02, 20 Kramat Lane, Singapore 228773. 5 minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT / Plaza Singapura / Somerset MRT / 313@Somerset.

MOE and MOH guidelines for tuition centre will be strictly followed at all times. For more information, please contact 8847 1585 via WhatsApp.

Students are definitely encouraged to attend their usual time-slot as much as possible. In the event students are not able to make it for their regular class for that week, they may schedule a make-up to attend another time-slot within the same week. 

You may contact us at 8847 1585 via call or WhatsApp. You may also send us an enquiry through the enquiry form.

Studious Minds offers the best O-level Maths tuition in Singapore to help your child excel in school and prepare him/her for the GCE O-level examination. Our O-level A-Math Tuition is designed to provide a strong foundation for future Mathematics lessons to promote better understanding and application of Math concepts into problem solving.

Lessons in our O-level Maths Tuition are structured in such a way that the learning experience of our students will become progressive, wherein they acquire new knowledge, put their understanding to test and incorporate this new knowledge into the next lesson. This enhances the students’ retention, numerical reasoning and application skills.

Apart from our O-level Maths Tuition, Studios Minds also offer O-level A-Math Tuition, International Baccalaureate (IB), Integrated Programme (IP) and other GCE levels for Mathematics. We also have Chemistry Tuition. These various programmes are established as part of our commitment to helping young learners achieve more in school and in their future careers.

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