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Revision Guide: How To Memorise Your Chemistry Concepts Better

It is essential for you to understand the concepts when learning Chemistry if you wish to ace your exams. However, there is still a place for rote memorisation. While memorisation alone will not guarantee an excellent grade in your O-level Chemistry exams, it remains an essential revision tool.

But herein lies an issue – Chemistry is a broad subject with a breadth of materials to cover. That is what makes the subject interesting! But it can also be a challenge when it is time to memorise your notes for your Chemistry exams.

Do you also find it tough to recall the concepts you learned during O-level Chemistry tuition classes for your exams? Well, rest assured that you are not alone. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve your recollection of crucial information during an exam. Let us share some of the best ways to memorise Chemistry concepts to help you prepare for your test.

Tip #1: Utilise mnemonic devices

Mnemonic devices have been a student’s best ally for decades. Research has even demonstrated that mnemonic training has potent and enduring effects on a person’s memory capacity. This study tool can help you tie crucial information to a phrase that is easier for you to recall. 

For example, if you need to memorise the elements in the periodic table sequentially, you can take the symbol of each element and form a sentence. Here is a popular mnemonic device that students have been using to recall the first 20 elements: Happy Henry Lives Besides Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelly Nancy MgAllen. Silly Patrick Stays Close. Arthur Kisses Carrie.

Do note that this is only a basic example. Do not hesitate to experiment and find what works best for you. You can create a short poem, a phrase, or a song that aids you in recalling the concepts for your O-level Chemistry exams.

Tip #2: Draw out mind maps

Draw out mind maps-O-level Chemistry Singapore

Our tutors often advise students attending our O-level Chemistry tuition classes to include mind maps as part of their revision arsenal. This is because mind maps allow you to organise and structure the information visually, making it more digestible and easier to recall later on. 

This revision tool is particularly helpful for visual learners who absorb information better when it is presented in a visual manner. Nevertheless, others can benefit significantly from mind maps too! The best thing is that there are no universal rules when creating a mind map. You can order and structure the information in any manner as long as it makes sense to you.

Tip #3: Use flashcards

Are you overwhelmed by the number of study materials to revise for your exams? In that case, we recommend organising everything into a series of flashcards and focusing on memorising each topic individually. Arrange them according to your confidence level. This way, you can identify which topics you are already familiar with and which require more time to memorise. You may also find that piecing all the information on your flashcards helps you remember the Chemistry concepts better.

Tip #4: Take and review your notes frequently

Take and review your notes frequently-O-level Chemistry Singapore

It is always good to bring along writing materials during your O-level Chemistry tuition classes to jot down your notes. This way, you can compile a handy list of Chemistry notes that is helpful for your revision. But do not wait till your exams are around the corner. Review them periodically to keep these concepts fresh in your mind. 

After reviewing each topic, we recommend practising various Chemistry problems pertaining to the topic to help remember the concepts better. It is also a good gauge of your performance, allowing you to know which questions you can tackle confidently and which still require extra attention. 

 Remembering and understanding your Chemistry concepts is crucial to scoring well on your exams. And we hope the tips we shared can help enhance your recollection of your study materials during your exams. If you are still struggling with Chemistry, do not hesitate to seek assistance from our O-Level Chemistry tutors! Visit our website today to learn more about our O-level Chemistry tuition programme.

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