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Chemistry was always one of the toughest subjects for me and I was never able to score well for it. But after joining Mr Toh's classes, I have so much more confidence in the subject and was eventually able to score a distinction in my final exams. Chemistry was a nightmare subject for me and I struggled tremendously for it. Not only did Mr Toh helped me understand the concepts easily, his constant encouragement was what kept me motivated to want to do well for the subject. I really enjoyed his classes which in turn made me enjoy the subject better. One thing that made him stand out from all other tutors is that he will never give up on any student even if we were on the verge of giving in. And that is something which we all appreciate and liked about him.
Lim Xing Ying
Lim Xing Ying
Nanyang Girls' High
Before Ms Jes was my tutor, I was severely struggling with IP maths, barely even passing every exam. However, after she started helping me with my Maths, my grades increased exponentially with both my Advanced Math and Core Math scoring distinctions within a few months. Ms Jes definitely saved my grades and she even instill in me the joy of doing Mathematics. Her constant pushing and encouragement allow me to quickly adjust to be able to do many challenging questions, giving me the base required to excel in exams. I even received the most improved award in class for Maths! Her teaching methods has build so much confidence in me that I am now able to breeze through my IB Maths without any help from anyone.
Dominique Ku O level math student
Dominique Ku
Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
I enrolled in Mr Alex's class in July of my Sec 3 year due to consistent E8s and F9s in my Chemistry test and exams. I used to dread the subject and have lost all motivation to do well for it. But after attending Mr Alex's classes, I could understand the concepts so much better. His classes are structured in a way that made learning enjoyable and easy, which helped me get interested in the subject. With his guidance, I managed to clinch an A1 during my Sec 3 EOY exams within a few months! Mr Alex is a very caring, supportive and dedicated tutor who will go out of his way to help a student do well. His lessons are engaging and his passion for the subject is evident in his teaching methods, which in turn act as an inspiration for all of us.
o level chemistry student from crescent girls school
V Narthananilaa
Crescent Girls' School
Ms Peh have been coaching me from Sec 1 till Sec 4 and at first, I was not confident with maths and have always been scoring borderline pass/fail in my exams. With her help, I have never scored below a Distinction! Ms Peh is a very patient tutor and she will always encourage and guide me whenever I needed help. She is a resourceful tutor with many materials available which she will utilise during our lessons. These materials helped alot in my understanding be it in E or A Maths. She is able to explain concepts very well and will always point out the common mistakes students make to ensure that I do not repeat those mistakes too.
O level chemistry student natasha tan
Nathasha Tan
Riverside Secondary School
I joined Mr Alex Toh's class during the start of my O-Levels year when I was struggling tremendously with the subject. Mr Toh's teaching is very detailed and easy to understand. He is also a patient teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help me with my difficulties. After attending his classes, Chemistry became much easier for me to process and understand. I would highly recommend him!
Chan Yu Hao o level checmistry student
Chan Yi Hao
Presbyterian High School
Teacher Jes is able to explain concepts clearly which makes it a lot easier to understand those concepts and apply them in questions. She is also extremely patient and is willing to take the time to explain difficult concepts and any questions that I may have. With her help, I was able to clinch an A1 consistently in my tests and exams. and my marks never fall below 85%.
Ler Rynn o level math student
Ler Rynn
Nanyang Girls' High School
Before I joined Mr Alex's class, Chemistry was one of the toughest subjects as I never understood what it was about and neither did I have any interest in it. I never passed my Chemistry tests and exams during my Lower Secondary years as my foundation was extremely weak. However after the first few lessons, through Mr Alex's thorough explanation, I realised chemistry is actually not difficult and everything was made so much clearer to me which allowed my interest in chemistry to grow gradually. When I didn't understand certain questions even after several explanations, Mr Alex would always explain it to me in many different ways to make sure I understand it. And to my surprise I actually showed tremendous improvement for chemistry during my Sec 3 exams. Mr Alex will always be there if you need any help and is very patient with each and every student. Because of his continuous effort and clear explanations, I was able to ace my EOYs in Sec 4 and achieve an A1 in Chemistry!
O level chemistry student li qian hwee
Lee Qian Hwee
River Valley High School
Ms Jes is a very patient tutor who takes time to make sure that I fully understand every topic. Whenever I face difficulties in certain parts of a topic, she will use different ways and questions to help me understand them better. What I like about her way of teaching is that she will structure her questions such that they progressively advance to more challenging questions so that it enhances my level of thinking, which I find very beneficial. During examination periods, she painstakingly ensures that I am able to tackle the various common examination questions, allowing me to perform very well in Mathematics throughout secondary school.
O level chemistry student gareth teo
Gareth Teo
Holy Innocents' High School
Mr Alex has been my Chem tutor since Sec 2, and every lesson with him has always been interesting and allowed to me easily grasp Chemistry concepts quickly. Without Mr Alex, I would have never been able to take IB HL chemistry. Mr Alex is kind-hearted and devoted to teaching his students and will always take time to answer any of my queries about Chemistry and even about school life and university life. He has successfully made Chemistry one of my favourite subjects that I find joy in learning about and have an interest in furthering in during my university days. He is honestly a superb teacher and a great friend.
Dominique Ku O level math student
Dominique Ku
Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
Mr Toh was a dependable teacher who I could turn to whenever I had to clarify my doubts or when I needed more practises for the topics I was weaker in. By addressing the common misconception and mistakes in his lessons, Mr Toh has helped me better understand the subject. As a result, i was able to attain an A1 in Chemistry for O-levels.
Benithy Poon O level Chemistry student
Zenith Poon
Gan Eng Seng School
Before joining Mr Alex’s class, my chemistry grades had always been stagnant at B4. No matter how hard I tried, there seemed to be no improvement. After being taught by Mr Alex, I saw a significant improvement in my grades. Mr Alex has a clear way of teaching, and because of his experience, he is able to guide us well through the various questions over the years. I genuinely found chemistry to be easier, and more fun after attending his classes. In the end, I received an A1 for o level chemistry.
O level chemistry student joelle
St Margaret's Secondary School
Mr Alex is a capable teacher who is able to teach students based on their potential and constantly tries to help them improve in their answering techniques. The skills he has taught has also helped me to absorb information more efficiently. Alex is also approachable and encouraging. He is understanding and has encouraged me when I am feeling disheartened about my studies.
studious minds logo
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Mr Alex is a dedicated tutor who definitely has the capabilities to help any student reach greater heights. Equipped with knowledge even beyond the Chemistry syllabus, he is able to teach concepts and enable students to understand their work very well. With him as the tutor, one would definitely notice considerable improvements in their examinations.
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Catholic High School
Mr Alex is patient in analysing my mistakes and never fails to highlight key points in the answers. He identifies areas which I am weak in and works to help me improve these areas. He is clear in his teaching and makes concepts easy to understand. He also encourages me a lot, which gives me the confidence to do well.
studious minds logo
Catholic High School
Mr Alex makes the class more entertaining and he also helped me gain interest in chemistry I used to only score 60+ for chemistry now I’m scoring at least an A and is now my favourite science subject.The notes given are very organised and has all the important details in it making it easy to revise for the topics.
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Bryan Teo
Beatty Secondary School
Mr Alex is a dedicated tutor who is passionate about Chemistry and tries his best to answer doubts/queries even outside of class. He is also very aware of his students’ weaknesses/strengths, altering his teaching style to suit their needs.
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Hwa Chong Institution
Superb teacher (Mr Alex Toh), excellent teaching materials and lesson content. Improved my grades greatly (from E8 to A1); highly recommended tuition centre.
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Luke Yeo
Victoria School


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