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Integrated Programme (IP) Mathematics is a curriculum specially offered to IP schools in Singapore. Our IP Math tuition programme provides students with a cohesive learning experience that equips them with the skills and knowledge to excel in higher-level studies. Through a balanced approach that combines rigorous academics with practical skills development, we aim to prepare our students for the challenges they may encounter in their academic journey.

Our IP Maths Tutor: Ms Jes Peh

Ms Jes has taught O Level A Maths and IP A Maths for more than 10 years. Ms Jes takes a very systematic approach to her teaching in IP Math tuition. Her ability to simplify many maths concepts allows many students to excel well in their O Level A Maths and IP A Maths exams under her tutelage.

Due to her vast teaching experience with students from various O Level and IP schools, she is very knowledgeable in both the O Level A Maths and IP A Maths syllabi. Ms Jes can provide high-quality notes and practices. In her Maths Tuition classes, she will ensure every student can have the confidence to solve questions. She exposes students to different types of exam questions so her students will have the flexibility to tackle all exam questions and excel in their tests and exams.

Free consultations are provided to students who need help in their O Levels or IP A Maths topics, or if they require help with their homework, she is also available 24/7 for students to text her questions via WhatsApp.

Ms Jes is very caring to her students. During classes, she will provide every student as much attention as possible to ensure they understand what was taught in her A Maths tuition classes. As such, all O Level and IP A Maths tuition classes are usually of a small and manageable size to ensure that every single student is not left behind.

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Overview of Our IP Math Tuition Service

At Studious Minds, we understand the unique challenges that many students continue to face, especially when it comes to IP Math. Our IP Math tuition service provides a comprehensive tuition solution with our experienced and qualified instructors dedicated to helping students excel. They can tailor unique lesson plans for addressing specific students’ needs to overcome obstacles and achieve learning goals.

We firmly believe in fostering a holistic approach to build a deeper understanding of concepts and fundamental math principles while promoting analytical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our IP Math tuition, all at a flexible timing, customisable lesson plans and capped class size for effective learning!

The Importance of IP Math Tuition

IP Math tuition bridges the gap between secondary education and higher academic pursuits. Designed to cover both fundamental and complex mathematical concepts, our syllabus is crafted to ensure a seamless transition to the rigours of Junior College and beyond.

An effective tuition course provides students with personalised guidance and focused learning, ensuring a strong grasp of challenging topics. By equipping students with the necessary tools and techniques to master these advanced concepts, IP Math tuition allows students to achieve a competitive edge, paving the way for academic success.

How Much Does Our IP Math Tuition Cost?

We aim to ensure that our IP Math tuition programme is accessible to all students needing guidance for their school lessons and national exam preparation. At Studious Minds, we strive to maintain reasonable rates, offering $75 per 2-hour lesson. Tuition fees are collected monthly, with prorated fees for students who enrol mid-month.

Contact us today for more questions about our IP Math rates and schedules.

Common Problems Faced When Studying IP Math

1. Challenges in applying theory to practical scenarios

Applying theoretical knowledge to solve complex problems is a common hurdle. Students might understand the theory but struggle to apply it in practical scenarios, especially in exam settings where problem-solving skills are crucial.

2. Lack of consistent practice

Consistency in practice is key to mastering IP Math, but many students fail to maintain regular study routines. An effective IP Math tuition programme can ensure a consistent schedule, strengthening their knowledge and giving them the confidence to tackle challenging problems.

3. Exam Anxiety

High-stakes exams can cause significant stress and anxiety, which can negatively affect performance. Students often feel overwhelmed by the pressure to excel, leading to mental blocks and reduced problem-solving efficiency. Regular practice and positive reinforcement are key to imbuing students with the confidence needed to ace their exams.

As most courses in University consist of Maths Modules, these Maths modules are often an extension of Additional Maths topics that are taught during their time in Secondary School. Hence enrolling in Additional Maths Tuition during their Secondary School years can help build a strong foundation in Additional Maths to prepare students for future Additional Maths related courses or modules.

Additional Maths is being taught to secondary level students in Singapore. It has a myriad of lessons that are essential for Junior College and various degree courses in the future. Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus and other topics that are covered in Additional Maths are not exclusively applicable to STEM courses which entails that taking the tuition will help students from other academic strands as well. Moreover, a certain grade in Mathematics is also necessary to be achieved so that the student will be eligible for H2 Maths in Junior College. Thus, it is important to take Additional Maths Tuition whether the learner is inclined in Mathematics or not. Should you be interested in enrolling your child in our Additional Maths Tuition here at Studious Minds? Talk to us today!

Why Choose Our Sec 3 Additional Maths (A-Maths) Tuition?

There are many reasons why students and parents should choose Studious Minds for Maths tuition. Some of the perks we offer include:

  • Our experienced and qualified instructor has more than 10 years of experience in teaching Maths and is dedicated to helping her students achieve their best results.
  • Our small class sizes ensure that each student receives individualised attention from the tutor, allowing for a more effective and personalised learning experience.
  • We create customised lesson plans tailored to the needs of each student, ensuring that their time is spent productively and efficiently.
  • Our tuition has a strong track record of producing successful Maths students, many of whom have gone on to score top marks in the subject.

With these advantages and more, Studious Minds Tuition Centre is the perfect choice for students who want to excel in Math and achieve their best results.

Class Schedule & Fees

IP Y3 (Additional Mathematics)

Saturdays 11.45am to 1.45pm

Sundays 9.30am to 11.30am

IP Y4 (Additional Mathematics)

Saturdays 9.30am to 11.30am

Sundays 11.45am to 1.45pm

Private Small Classes (By Demand)

Please contact us to find out more!

For IP A Maths, IP E Maths - $300 / 4 lessons

Fees are collected on a monthly basis. Students who join mid-month will be pro-rated for the rest of the month. 

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At Studious Minds, students have the option to either attend additional maths tuition lessons either through Home-based Learning via Zoom or physical classes at the centre. Our centre is conveniently located in Central Singapore at United House, #05-02, 20 Kramat Lane, Singapore 228773. 5 minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT / Plaza Singapura / Somerset MRT / 313@Somerset. MOE and MOH guidelines for tuition centres will be strictly followed at all times. For more information, please contact 8847 1585 via WhatsApp.
Students are definitely encouraged to attend their usual time-slot as much as possible. In the event students are not able to make it for their regular Sec 3 A-Math class for that week, they may schedule a make-up to attend another time-slot within the same week.

For questions regarding our Sec 3 A-Math or Additional Maths Tuition, you may contact us at 8847 1585 via call or WhatsApp. You may also send us an enquiry through the enquiry form.

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