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At Studious Minds, our A Maths tuition classes aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the O-Level or IP Maths syllabus through our concise and structured learning materials. Capped at around 8 students per class, each student can rest assured that they will receive personalised guidance and undivided attention from our Maths tutor.

Both O-Level and IP A Maths tuition classes are taught by our experienced tutor, Ms Jes Peh. With over 13 years of teaching experience, she is well-versed in both syllabi, allowing her to grasp the conditions necessary to lead students to excellence. So, you can trust in us to deliver the best learning experience in our A Maths tuition classes.

What Is The Difference Between O-Level & IP A Maths?

Curriculum content-wise, students should not expect a significant difference between the two subjects. However, some schools may incorporate topics found in H2 Maths in their IP syllabus, although they will not be covered in a comprehensive manner. Generally, the IP syllabus emphasises topics geared towards preparing students for their GCE A-Level H2 Maths exams, such as Trigonometry and Calculus.

Conversely, the differences are more noticeable curriculum structure wise. Students undergoing the IP programme will learn Maths in a less fragmented manner, as the syllabus draws the links between E and A Maths for a more cohesive learning experience. For instance, topics found in the E Maths syllabus, such as quadratic equations, are naturally linked to topics in the A Maths syllabus, like Trigonometry and polynomials.

Learning Maths this way allows students to build a stronger foundation in their understanding of Maths in time to come. However, there is also a drawback to this approach, as IP Maths is more rigorous.

Why Choose Our A Maths Tuition Centre?

Whether you are studying O-level A Maths or IP A Maths, your choice of a tuition centre can significantly impact your success. At Studious Minds, we can help you realise your Maths potential and excel in the subject.

1. Friendly, approachable tutor

Friendly, approachable and encouraging, Ms Jes’s positive disposition has endeared her to her students, allowing her to build a strong rapport with her students and foster a positive, welcoming learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification. She is committed to your success and will go the extra mile to ensure you grasp even the most challenging concepts.

2. Extensive tutoring experience

Experience matters, especially when it comes to helping students navigate the intricate landscape of A Maths. Ms Jes Peh brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of both Maths syllabi. Under her guidance, you may find that complex topics are easily accessible and understandable for you.

3. Small class sizes

We believe that personalised guidance is essential to students attending our A Maths tuition classes. As such, we aim to keep our class sizes small, around 8 students. This way, students can benefit from more one-on-one consultation with our Maths tutor, Ms Jes Peh. Rest assured that you will not feel lost in a sea of students in our A Maths tuition classes. Instead, you will be an integral part of an engaging and focused learning environment.

4. Extended learning beyond the classroom

At Studious Minds, we believe that learning should extend beyond the settings of our A Maths tuition classes. As such, you are encouraged to approach our Maths tutor, Ms Jes Peh, for additional consultation if you are struggling with your Maths homework or a particular topic. You can also text her via WhatsApp to clarify any doubt or question you may have during your revision.

Under the guidance of our Maths tutor, A Maths does not have to be stressful and challenging. Join us for a FREE Mathematics Trial Lesson today and learn how to tackle complex concepts with ease and confidence!

What Separates Studious Minds From Other IP Maths Tuition Centres?

1. Highly experienced Maths tutor

Our Maths tutor, Ms Jes Peh, has over 13 years of experience teaching students from various IP schools. As such, she is well-versed in the IP Maths syllabus.

2. Small class sizes

Our IP Maths tuition classes feature a small class size, around 8 students, to ensure every student receives personalised guidance and their progress is closely monitored.

3. Additional consultation outside classroom settings

Students can feel free to approach our Maths tutor, Ms Jes Peh, for additional consultation if they require extra help with their IP Maths homework. They can also text her via WhatsApp to clarify any outstanding doubt hindering their learning progress.

4. Thorough exam preparedness

With a flair for spotting exam questions as part of her exam-smart strategy approach, our Maths tutor, Ms Jes Peh, can help students prepare thoroughly for their exams, ensuring they excel in their exams. Students will also receive targeted practices in their IP Maths tuition classes to help plug any gaps in knowledge and master challenging concepts.

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